taking stock | january's end

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 |making| messes. |cooking| eggs and roasted veggies and every kind of mexican food. |drinking| coconut water + kombucha + flax milk. |reading| baby name lists. |wanting| one of elinor's massages. they are weird and wonderful. i don't know where she gets these things... |looking| at sonograms of our little one. |playing| with our new wooden toys and with elinor's play kitchen...and baby dolls. |wasting| lemon rinds. juicing up a bunch of beauties from our tree. |sewing| thinking about some darling items for bébé numéro deux. |wishing| for lots of rain and extra days to snuggle with my man. |enjoying| a fresh year. |waiting| on the sun. |liking| my quiet and productive early morning time. |wondering| just, wondering. |loving| pants and chunky, slouchy sweaters and scarves and fancy flats. |hoping| and trusting in the promises of God. |marveling| at the simple yet miraculous things of life. |needing| to drink more water. |smelling| coffee brewing. |wearing| an oversized collared shirt and leggings and boots. |noticing| how handsome my man is when he is all dressed up for work. |knowing| that time is precious. |thinking| about valentine's day plans. |feeling| sore and tight. |bookmarking| parenting books. |opening| a new jar of peanut butter. |giggling| a ton these days.

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