so sunday was a busy one. we did all. the. things. but it was the very best kind of day. we started extra early at church since february is my "on" month for teaching my first through third grade kiddos. elinor got to hang out with the first service kids in her class while i taught and ben got some much-needed and well-deserved "me time" with a good book and a cup of coffee. pretty perfect on a crazy foggy day in arizona...not quite as idyllic as reading a book and sipping coffee with the fog rolling in over the moors but, we'll take what we can get here in sunny AZ. IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0535

after first service, our little family reunited so that elinor could tell papa her sunday school stories before he jumped into usher action. elinor sat with me for a bit until second service began and carefully removed and returned the contents of my purse. excuse me, HER purse as she loves to remind me. silly goose.


and speaking of, these two. those expressions. they crack me up. ben and elinor had a full-blown facial expression face off between services and it was just so great. i mean, come on. look at that. gosh, i love them.

after church, we enjoyed a quick hour or so at home for lunch and a not-so-much-nap for elinor before jumping back in the car for a quick visit to ben's family's house. we brought them some tasty cupcakes with little BOY toppers to not only give them something sweet to enjoy after all the salty goodness of super bowl food, but to also announce the gender of our little one. too fun. we chatted for a bit and watched some phoenix open while elinor ate as much clam dip as we would allow. and then, back on the road to head to my folks' place for a super bowl slash belated birthday celebration for ben slash gender reveal party.

IMG_0531 IMG_0532 IMG_0533

we started things off with the world's biggest bowl of guacamole (thanks bree!) and then we enjoyed two different salads (because my mum reads this blog and has read about my salad love...thanks mum!) aaaaaaand pizza. oh pizza is the best.

the game was watched. there was cousin playtime. the gender of our little one was revealed. and then, birthday cake was devoured to polish things off.

like i said, we did all the things. and it was great. serving and learning and worshipping and connecting. family and food and fun and football and celebrations. so many simple yet wonderful moments. it is kind of what sunday is all about, charlie brown.