happy birthday, monsieur!

bday1 33 never looked so good, monsieur. you are more handsome and bright and devoted and determined and wise and thoughtful and remarkable with every year. truly. getting better and better with age. i am so blessed and honored to share this life with you. to date you and be married to you and share a home with you and laugh and cry with you. to be your friend and confidant and partner. to watch you as a son and friend and employee and brother and in-law. to watch you father elinor and very soon, another little life.

i know that God has great plans for you. i look forward to watching them unfold and seeing you grow and develop and learn and excel. you are a remarkable man, my beloved.

here's to a lifetime of experiences and moments and celebrations and adventures. "where you go i will go, and where you stay, i will stay."

a very merry birthday to you! let's party.