preggo faves

preggo faves so, pregnancy can kind of mix things up a bit. hormones people, hormones. those first few weeks are always odd because you don't even know-know that you are pregnant (with the exception of that pee stick thingamabob saying so) but very quickly, there are little things that can seem a i have a love-hate thing with that time. i am grateful for changes because it reassures me about baby long before i can feel it or see it or hear the heartbeat BUT those changes bring about necessary adjustments to my routine. the first thing that went wonky was my hair. it was wild. thick and heavy and unmanageable. i felt like i couldn't get it clean enough! and styling it was useless. it was oily and limp and sad and dull. in an attempt to figure something out, i ventured out to aveda. the lovely lady at aveda was actually the first person we told about the pregnancy. lucky her. i looked at all the options and settled on a deep cleansing, refreshing shampoo that would keep my locks squeaky clean and i added in a moisturizing clove color conditioner to give my brunette some shine. they totally did the trick and have been my best buds ever since. in addition to hair care, there were a few other items that i purchased to help me with my nutritional needs, cravings, skin changes, general wellbeing, and pregnancy glow. i am all about stocking up on things that help me feel good and give me a little dose of pampering, pregnant or not. here are a few of my preggo faves. 1 perrier sipping fancy, fizzy french mineral water helps me get in my daily water needs  |  2 tulsi moringa tea  my favorite way to start the day. magical herbs that heal and invigorate and nourish  |  3 soapwalla belly oil  this is the best! a luxurious oil for my bump. gotta keep those stretch marks away!  |  4 soapwalla deodorant cream  i found this stuff about a year ago and i am hooked. i moved away from drugstore brands a few years ago and i have never looked back. especially with a baby on board or while breastfeeding, i like to steer clear of icky chemicals. but, it is hot here! you gotta have something that works... |  5 lulu organics hair powder  an absolute MUST. i am all about the three-day or four-day or even five-day hair. it keeps moisture in and let's be honest...saves a ton of time. but, i need a little help in the oil department. this powder (i like the patchouli one) removes unwanted oil from your roots and gives your hair an amazing smell.  |  6 aveda rosemary mint shampoo  as i mentioned above, the best shampoo for keeping my hair clean, fresh, and manageable.  |  7 aveda clove conditioner my go-to for making my locks smooth and soft and shiny.  |  8  mercola krill oil  good fats for baby's brain and growth.  |  9 garden of life vitamin code raw prenatals  the best of the best. plant based and raw so they digest easily and act like food in your system.  |  10 luluorganics all purpose/face cream amazing amazing. an all-purpose cream that i love to use on my face and hands at night. it has lavender and clary sage so it calms and balances too...great for restful sleep. should come in extra handy in those later pregnancy months... |  11 gt's kombucha  my craving. all the time. i drink a green chia kombucha almost every day and the ginger or mojito are my go-to for when i want something bubbly or special at night. you know, when ben is enjoying a glass of wine or beer.  |  12 essential oil blends for diffusing, applying, and pulling we have used a few of these singles and blends topically for elinor since day one and i have added to the collection since then. they are life-savers while pregnant. support for my immune system. help for digestion. general feel-goodery.