elinor lately

elinor has always been a big personality. but, it is really coming out these days. 26 months might be my new favorite. she is busy and this age is no joke, but it is also filled with so many jokes and running commentary and imagination and play. so much fun. and it really makes those wild two-year-old moments and inexplicable emotional child rants more than worth it.

here's a sampling of what elinor has been saying lately. i am trying to document her because she is a hoot. and i can't get to my video button fast enough. so this will have to do. just say it all in an adorable elinor voice and you are almost there.

eeeeewwww! when something is gross - like when i change her diaper - or when she helps throw something away.

make tea, mama? i make it. put cup on-a pate, mama. salt, mama? al-wight. i sir it up wid-a spoon. elinor likes to make tea for me and she insists that the cup goes on a saucer and that the tea is served with salt and gets a thorough stir before sipping.

ooooh, izzit fun? iz fuuuun. to everything. everything is fun. she always asks herself if something is fun and then replies to assure herself that it is indeed, fun.

night-night, mama. tooo-uhl-oo! see-ooo tuh-morrow. at bedtime. night-night, mama. toddle-oo. see you tomorrow. so sweet.

sing jesus, papa? papa must sing jesus loves me while being tucked in.

izzz-a mess. i keen it up, mama. when she sees clutter or really, anything. she remarks to herself...it's a mess. i clean it up, mama. thank you, elinor. you little clean-freak, you.

watch ball. eat snacks. the only thing that elinor wants to do. after all the football that has happened over the last few weeks...elinor is obsessed with watching football and eating snacks. with her papa, of course. just wait until the superbowl!

tank-you much. this cracks me up. elinor is generally a very grateful child but sometimes, she is SUPER grateful and gives us a "thank you muuuuuch!"

papa home! yaaaay! self-explanatory and adorable.

pay vi-o-in, papa. she loves listing to papa play his violin. we might have to put that positive energy to good use very soon...

get weddy. go to church. iz fuuuun. she gets so excited when we say we are going to get ready for something and assumes that we are going to get ready to go to church...because, it's fun. 

ooooooh...priddy. she thinks that everything is the prettiest.

papa take out trash...tuck get a trash...take away. bye trash! whenever she hears a truck go by, she launches into her commentary: papa takes out the trash, the truck gets the trash and takes the trash away. bye trash!

izzit miiiiiine? apparently, everything could potentially belong to elinor.

bazzberries ona belly. a daily request. for mama to give her raspberry kisses on her belly.

cha-ee's a worst. ben taught her this one. charlie's the worst. sigh.

oh, my baby. it poo'd. schange die-apa. need wipes, mama. two wipes. free wipes. i do it. the master diaper changer, this one.

i found it! she loves to search for lost items and loves it even more when she finds them.

hugs a-kizzes. mmmmmwah! she gives them and requests them and it is amazing.

won. too. free. foe. five. six. seh-ehn. eight. nine. ten. eh-weh-ven. tellve. firteen. fore-een. fifeen. sisteen. seh-ehn-een. eigh-een. nie-een. tunny! copying my counting as we walk up and down the stairs.