bébé numéro deux | 18 weeks

IMG_0613 IMG_0615 IMG_0614 IMG_0616 progress & countdown: 18 weeks down & 153 days to go!

baby size: a bell pepper

food & drink: most days, i start things off with a mega health smoothie. all the greens and fats and vitamins and protein and tasty fruit that i can manage. that has been tasting so good and filling me up for a solid three or so hours, but without making me feel icky-full. baby is really starting to grow and my stomach just doesn't enjoy hearty meals in one sitting. my "i'm full" response happens much sooner with a bell pepper baby taking up extra space in my midsection and squishing all my organs around. so, smaller meals are my friend. but i am really needing the protein and fat. that's what satisfies. i have been eating lots of beautiful yolks cooked in coconut oil and avocados and veggie piles with butter. and my chia kombucha or really, any kombucha is my bestest bud and current craving. enjoying a ginger kombucha or some kind of fruity flavored one at night is my little treat. okay, and the occasional square or two of raw chocolate with peanut butter. yum. dinners have been lots of protein and veggies. i am trying to stay away from extra sugar and useless carbs right now. that stuff makes me feel WAY full and not that great. except for chips and guac. that's always a good move.

bump stuff: baby is making his/her move outward! we are still in that thick midsection phase which is not my favorite. all my clothes fit but not in the same way. i don't quite have that cute little baby ball that fills out my shirts and elicits that, "awwwwwhhh" response. no, things are just thick and quasi-bumpy. buuuut...if i eat a large meal or do some fancy stances, you can totally see something popping out which is super exciting.

highs: brainstorming nursery ideas and names. so many fun things to think about!

lows: i have been getting that rather uncomfortable pelvic spreading sensation that i totally forgot about from my first pregnancy... not my favorite. just a dull ache in my hips and such that reminds me on the daily that...hey mama! it is me, baby. i am chunking up and gonna need some extra room. i hope you don't mind if it settle into your hips for the next few months... pregnancy is so weird. somewhat shocking, actually, if you really consider everything that takes place. yikes. i still wonder why God opted for this whole process instead of putting that trusty stork to use...

new developments: head to rump, baby is around 5.5 inches long and weighs almost 7 ounces. s/he is busy flexing arms and kicking legs - movements that will become much more noticeable in the next few weeks. baby's blood vessels are visible through thin skin and his or her ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from the head a bit. a protective covering is beginning to form around his or her nerves. the gender is now more obvious in an ultrasound...which is perfect timing for a week from now!

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: talking with elinor about baby. i can't wait for her to meet her little friend.

superficial stuff: as i mentioned, the thick midsection kinda-sorta-bump action. it makes for some rather awkward "bump shots". sorry about that folks. there is a reason why last time, i didn't officially document the bump until after twenty five or so weeks...when we had moved out of the "ease up on the fondue there, rachel" phase and into the "there's a baby in there!" phase. that's when it gets fun and when things pop out and look legit. at this point, pushing out the belly and leaning back and squishing my tummy and wearing chunky-knit, bump-manufacturing clothing will have to suffice. oh! in other news, i have painted toes! look at me, all fancy. it is the first time in a year or so that i have put a real pigment on my piggies. it's the little things...

looking forward to: the next two weeks. birthday celebrations for ben. meals with friends. ultrasound appointments and midwife appointments. we are passing the time in some fabulous ways around here.