golden globes soirée

IMG_0588 IMG_0591 IMG_0590 IMG_0577 IMG_0587 IMG_0586 on sunday evening, we hosted a little soirée to celebrate the golden globe awards. super fun. no kidding, one of the reasons that we bought a television for our home was so we could watch things like this. we have been tv-less for a couple of years now but a few months back (before thanksgiving), we decided to buy a little smart tv guy so we could use it to watch some netflix flicks AND hook it up to a digital antenna for major tv events! the thanksgiving parade, the super bowl, and of course, awards. and so, we got the tv situated and invited ben's family over to enjoy the show. and eat.

i printed up some official ballots for the occasion and everyone got to select their winners for the night...all in the hopes of being the fortunate recipient of the coveted gilded pepper mill. (we have been holding onto a broken mill for a couple of years now so i felt pretty good about my hoarder choice of keeping it around the house when we were trying to figure out a trophy. a coat or tow of gold spray paint and voilà! an official and hopefully annual prize was born.) we cast our votes and put out a bunch of tasty treats to enjoy and settled in for a night of gorgeous gowns and humor and film and fun and winners and losers and boring speeches and inspiration. my kind of night. although, next year we should probably host an evening prior to the awards for movie watching. my knowledge of the nominees was pathetic at best.

add that to the resolutions list: watch more than one movie per year.