we have an itty-bitty something big to share...

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what elinor and her belly are trying to say is...we are having another baby!

we are over the moon and already eager upon eager to meet this little one. and elinor is so excited about "her bebe". she has big plans for that bitty thing in mama's bellybutton (where she currently thinks the little one resides) and points and giggles, "miiiiine!" so sweet. she understands the idea of baby but isn't quite comprehending what a baby means for us. she nods when we talk about her being a big sister but doesn't truly know what that will be like. it is going to be such fun to watch...

and oh my gosh, when we told her...she exclaimed, "oh! oh! reaaaaaally? baby, mama?" and then gave me the biggest hug. you guys. my heart exploded and my eyes instantly misted. dying.

we got our little plus sign on october 13 and have been biting our tongues ever since and enjoying our itty-bitty, BIG secret. i wanted to get through the first trimester and through the holiday season before sharing the news. in fact, we just let our family in on the fun like, yesterday. and now, to make it blog official.

i am 17 weeks along, due on june 22. and goodness gracious, things are flying by! we have gone to two appointments so far and have an ultrasound (gender appointment) in two weeks. eeeeep! craziness. and we are so antsy to know if it is a boy or girl. p.s. boy names are super tough. if it is a boy, i am concerned that we might need the full second half of the pregnancy just to decide on a fitting name. and girl names aren't that much easier but at least i feel like we have a few solid contenders. naming a person is no joke.

stay tuned for a first trimester in review post and for weekly bump updates and letters to baby. here we go again...

praise God for this generous gift.