our year in squares

IMG_0576 so remember when i posted about this and then when we did some of these and these? well, i did it! i went through the last year or so of instagram pictures and assembled them into a cute little collection of us. our little family.

i started with the holiday season of 2013 (a couple from thanksgivingtime and christmastime and such) and went all the way through the holiday season of 2014, ending with some of my favorites from our little family photo shoot before christmas.

i am so pleased with the results. seriously, chatbooks. bravo.

i made a 60 page book for like, $6. that's craziness. and now, we have a little book of some of the squares of our life. i am so happy i did it. i love posting pictures on instagram because it serves as a nice photo album of sorts, chronicling everything from the mundane to the meals to the moments that matter. BUT, it is so nice to have those pictures printed into a keepsake book. it is something that we can flip through as a family and tell stories so we can relive those moments. and elinor is obsessed. pictures of "me" and mama and papa are her favorite.

and remember that six dollar price tag? well, that made it super easy to justify printing out a handful of copies so we can bestow the gift of page after page of our faces to our family. get ready for some elinor brag books, coming at ya!

what a fun way to close one year and begin another. here's to creating new pages in our 2015 book...

and if you want the FULL collection of our life in squares...head over here.