hair woes (dramatic sigh)

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.33.28 PM major life questions here, folks. serious stuff. may we talk hair for a moment? thanks.

what the heck am i going to do with the do? grrrrr. i am bored. in fact, so bored that i am considering either a) chopping heavy bangs...again or b) going platinum. no joke. i have discussed both ideas during one of my random hair-rant-rave-question-annoy sessions with my hubby.

i have done dark. i have done natural brown. i have done heavy, chunky highlights. i have done subtle caramel. i have done super light caramel -slash- pretty much blonde after a summer spent outside. i have cut wisps and bangs and fringe and then sported clips and topknots as i grow it all out after loving it for like, a week, and then being totally over it. i have chopped it and immediately wished for my long locks back. i have grown it out and then wanted a drastic bob. i have watched it thicken with pregnancy hormones and then thin out to a more manageable but droopy style after breastfeeding. i have done ombre. i have really done ombre. and now, it is just there. i cut shorter fringe stuff a few months back when i hacked off about six inches of blah growth and leftover blonde ombre. and now, the fringe has grown out and my color is 85% natural me, with the exception of the remaining lighter ombre tips. which, is all good! and yet, i want to do something ca-ray-zy. maybe not even crazy just, fresh and new. i saw this post on and now, i really want to do something. you know, welcome the new year with something fab.

any thoughts? suggestions? warnings?

oh, the allure of heavy bangs. i so want to do that but i made ben promise me to stop me if i mention it again because i will inevitably regret it.

i am over ombre. unless...maybe a super drastic dark roots look that blends to white blonde? that might be a more subtle way to get to platinum whiiiiiich, again, i would love to try. but ick! the upkeep. not a lazy hair girl's friend...

or hey! something dramatic and striking like michelle william's choppy short do. a pixie perhaps?

or maybe i should just chill and work on my patience. let this pass. just, grow it out until the summer and then reassess.

i dunno. the struggle is real over here.

thanks for reading this ridiculous post.