the she to his nanigans

IMG_3660 IMG_3659 so saturday was a wild one. but pretty darn good, if you ask me. we kicked off the day of activities by opening the windows and rolling out our mats for a little exercise with the breeze blowing through the house. have i mentioned that this time of year is simply dreamy? and then, it was time to wake the little miss and get ready to head out. first stop, the gilbert farmers market. the new season of CSA is *finally* upon us! the place was buzzing. people everywhere. strolling and sipping coffee and buying goodies and enjoying breakfast foods. you know, it is this time of year, and all.

after filling the cooler, it was off to the annual founders day function for ben's work. every year, they get these really snazzy t-shirts and tickets for the whole family to some kind of gathering. last year, it was a trip to the pumpkin patch and this year it was all about cosmic bowling and arcade games and bumper cars and laser tag. crazy stuff. we met up with friends and grabbed a lane for some bowling. elinor even got to play. she kept squealing "ball! ball! ball!" and thought that every turn was her turn. she is quite the sportsman. and she loves to cheer on her papa. clapping and yay-ing like it was her job.

after we got in a couple hours of that scene, we hopped in the car again to head to crêpe bar to meet up with some tucson friends. they were returning from a trip and flew into phoenix so naturally, they wanted to do two things before driving home: 1) take a trip to ikea for some essentials and 2) grab lunch at a yummy spot. we were happy to take part in number two. and so, we got our little families together for some fabulous food and i encouraged kate to head next door and grab some croissants for the road. after a lovely little lunch and some great conversation and some laughing at our silly babies, they were off. and we went back home.

well, i dropped off ben and elinor and immediately turned the car around for an afternoon coffee date with a dear friend. elinor napped and ben got a few hours to himself and i got caught up on life with my gal pal.

after all the hustle and bustle of the day, we were ready for a quiet evening at home. ben made dinner for us and we relaxed and spent some time together, just our little family. elinor made us laugh and we talked and shared stories. there was even some coloring and a family dance party. so, not as rowdy as a comic bowling alley but still not exactly quiet and tame. it was just right. i sure do love this family of mine.

and hey hubby...thanks for doing fun stuff with me. and thanks for being silly and playing with elinor. and thanks for your thoughtful preparation of weekend meals. i like doing this life with you.