elinor lately


current eccentricities

she likes to use "eight" for all the numbers

she likes to use "boo" (blue) for all the colors

she likes to use "a" or "e"  for all the letters

she likes to use "sooos" (shoes) for all the articles of clothing

current favorites phrases 

uuuuum - dramatic pause - sure!

rea-ey, night-night (ready for night-night)

shange cothes (after ben comes home, he gets elinor from her nap and then he changes from his work attire. when he goes in to get her, she now says, "hi papa! change clothes?")

sit-sers (stickers)

cah-or (color)

foodst (she uses this one to request that i make her food)

pay ball, papa. (play ball, papa)

sih-eeee mama (silly mama)

aaaa-em (a dramatic amen after prayers are said)

i doooo, i doooo (when we ask if she would like to do something, her reply is an extended, double "i do")