a joyride

IMG_0350 you know those days that are just a bit too wild? especially for a monday. darn you, monday. take it easy, would ya? well, we had a bit of a wild monday around here. i was busy with some work plates in the air and then elinor and i spent some quality time in the car with a bunch of driving crazies to-and-from a coffee meeting to discuss some baby shower plans for my sister - elinor felt very important being included on such a meeting. she kept the minutes quite nicely.

and then there was ben's day. he is smack dab in the middle of a merger and had some very interesting meetings and opportunities pop up on top of it. the world of high finance, people. he came home pretty fried. and we had lots of things to discuss and pray about. you know, sometimes being an adult is just too much. decisions and career paths and five year year plans. sheesh. and when you are smack-dab in a middle of conversations about grown up things, you really don't want to make dinner. well, maybe *you* do but i sure didn't. i needed a little kitchen break. i wanted someone to bring me delicious things while i focused on conversation. and ben agreed. and so did elinor. i had her at "food".

so, we hopped in the car and took off for gilbert. i was thinking about some bruschetta from postino all the way there until i remembered joyride and then...chips and salsa. tacos. burritos.

chips and salsa prevailed.


we grabbed a table outside and ben and elinor got their serious faces on. oh, these two. they just don't mess around when it comes to food. it is hilarious. the stern brow and pursed lips. laser focus.

and the server must have sensed the tone because he plopped down a basket of chips and salsa within seconds of our sitting down. major points, joyride. i like your style. 

we ate a million chips and talked a ton while we waited for our main food to arrive. we embarrassingly went through three baskets of chips. it is that salsa, i tell ya. lots of lime and smoky goodness. so fresh. and none of that nasty cilantro flavor that offends my tastebuds so.


we ate our veggie burritos, enchilada style. i think that enchilada style is always a solid life choice. and man, those veggie burritos. they don't mess around. and they weren't like an afterthought menu item (which veggie dishes so often are) they were so flavorful and yummy. big fans, over here. and then! to top off the evening, free churros. this is one of the perks of having a darling little girl - free goodies. that is the only explanation. it must have been elinor's delicious dimples. one little smirk and..."i put in an order of complimentary churros for you guys". needless to say, joyride really came through for us last night. i am glad that we went on an impromptu family date. i can guarantee you that free churros were not in my meal plan.