blessing the schroeder family


hello there friends! i am honored and excited to share my sis-in-law and bro-in-law's story with you all. they are formally, officially, really-truly beginning the process to grow their family through adoption. this has been on their hearts and minds for many years now and many have been praying along with them. BUT, they have finally taken the plunge and started the time-consuming and moolah-consuming and energy-consuming process required to bring home a little one who needs a family. such an exciting and overwhelming time.

rachel and i were talking a few weeks back and i mentioned that she should consider starting up a gofundme site. a place to share their adoption journey and post updates and allow folks to come alongside through much-needed prayer and financial support. and that is exactly what she did. now that things are officially up and running, i have the honor of sharing it with you!

feel free to head over there and check it out.

and here's more of the schroeder's story for ya.

My husband Nathan and I have dreamed and prayed and talked about adopting a baby (babies) for about 10 years. In our hearts, we are ready; now we're just trying to get the rest of the pieces in place.

When I (Rachel) was 15, my parents were in the process of adopting my youngest sister from China. I went with my dad, to bring her home, and will never forget walking into her orphanage. The older children were ready to smile and play, while the baby rooms were lined with cribs, but eerily quiet. (The cribs held babies, but these babies weren't crying. Somehow they'd learned that crying wouldn't change anything.) The feeling of waiting was their whole life. 

My heart was never the same after that; adoption has been my dream ever since. 

I am so thankful that Nathan shares this dream with me! We love babies and children, and have spent most of our married life serving and leading children's ministries. We have rejoiced over every new birth; even at times knowing every family by their children. 

We suffered a miscarriage a few years ago, and though the pain of never getting to know that tiny life will never go away, it further confirmed our intention to become parents, and adoption as the means. 

Nathan & I plan to adopt domestically, to do our part for the staggering needs here in the US. There may not be the same kinds of orphanages, but there are so many babies and children who have no family, in addition to the brave and selfless women who choose to give life. 

We want the chance to love and guide children who will go from totally alone, to being part of a family who love them as totally as love can be experienced in this life.

Would you please pray for us, and join us on this journey?

Our goal is to raise a significant portion of the costs of the adoption process, so that we can move forward with it.

Please pray for us to move in the right way at the right time. Please pray that God would cause each step to be clear to us, and that He would work out each detail. Please pray for the potential birth mothers who may even now be considering choosing life. Please pray for the little one(s) we believe God intends for us to adopt. Please pray for our marriage; for our unity as a couple.

Please pray for our finances as we look to begin this process.

Please pray for our hearts to hold feels like it has already been so long to wait.

Thank you so much!

Love, Rachel & Nathan

most importantly, they covet your prayers and encouragement. and it would be such a blessing if you would consider sharing the link with others who might want to join in. but let's talk funds, folks. it takes plenty of green to move through the process and bring a baby home. agency fees and home studies and on and on. i know that financial support would be a tremendous blessing. everything counts. and anything is appreciated.

how cool that a bunch of people can join together to support a dear couple and their future baby. crowdfunding is pretty rad.