life is just beachy, part 2

hey there! i am back with more vacation pics, as promised. i hope you aren't sick of these yet...because i still have a final installment to come! there were just too many photo worthy things! an excellent problem to have. it is so fun to relive these moments through pictures. it almost feels like i am there... nah. it is a billion degrees worth of dry air outside. who am i kidding? IMG_0167

our adorable porch with comfy seating and a big ol' table for feasting al fresco. perfect.


our happy little zinc face. messing with wet sand and helping to exfoliate our feet and legs with said sand.


the best squinty and sunshiny smile. she just climbed on up there and made herself comfy. i believe she was letting out a contented, "aaaaaahhhhh".


okay now, food. this was the whitehouse-family-made-meal. quinoa + black bean + sweet potato + onion + beet + carrot + chia + chipotle burgers topped with vegenaise and avocado. paired with dry baked potato wedges.


aaaand let's wrap up this post with some pasta from the elenius-family-made-meal. whole wheat spiral pasta smothered in healthified alfredo sauce. made from...cauliflower + almond milk + garlic + nutritional yeast + lemon + parmesan + celtic salt + plenty of pepper. a big fat pasta dinner minus the big fat feeling that follows. yumtastic.