life is just beachy, part 1

well, we are back from vacation. a big ol' chunk of me is super bummed about it. the beach. ahhhh, the beach. but then there is that type A part that kicks in once we hit the front door of our home that wants to unpack and do laundry and grocery shop asap and get back into our routine. i am a creature of habit, for sure. posts! haven't you missed them? i'm sure life just hasn't been the same...

but a little holiday is so necessary and it feels good to just shut off and relax. and salt breeze. that does wonders.

i managed to snap quite a few pics and i am going to share them in three installments, as to not overwhelm you with californianess all at once. gotta spread that out. and it helps me to relive the moments and let that vacation state of mind linger just a tad longer.

please enjoy some scenes from our ocean beach getaway.

IMG_0168IMG_0163 IMG_0165 IMG_0161

elinor's first ocean experience. she was timid the first day. lots of clinging and giving the sand her incredulous stare. and she giggled nervously when we took her in the vast "wa-wa". but she soon became brave and curious and loved it. official beach baby right here.

IMG_0160 IMG_0157

sandcastles and such were all the rage for miss elinor. she sat there for hours squishing her toes and digging around. pouring and mixing and pouring and mixing. with many grandpa runs to the ocean to fetch more water. three cheers for grandparents!


we juiced every afternoon upon our return from the beach. perfectly refreshing and rejuvenating after a day in the sun and water.

IMG_0170 IMG_0213 IMG_0171 IMG_0192

we made the decision that one night should be boy's night. what a treat to watch the men in the kitchen while the gals just chilled on the patio. and boy oh boy, did they crush it. this meal was killer. the lady who owns our rental left us some halibut that a family member had recently caught in alaska. it was caught, cleaned, and frozen within a matter of hours and then sent to cali. what a perfect perk for us! we will take free halibut any old time. soooo...the guys whipped up some fish tacos for us to enjoy. lots of spice and lime, just how i like it. they also made a pile of gauc so we could get a little dip crazy with our sprouted chips. what is it about the beach that makes me taco crazy? seriously. and these hit the spot. PLUS they were super fresh and healthy so you felt like you could go crazy without feeling icky and puffy on the beach the next day. bonus.

IMG_0191 IMG_0190 IMG_0189

whole grain tortillas with spicy halibut topped with cabbage and pickled red onions and tangy vegenaise and greek yogurt chipotle crema.


the full spread. with beers for the boys and mojito kombucha for the gals. and guuuuuaaaaacamole. give me all the guac.

IMG_0187 IMG_0179

evening strolls to catch the sun making its glorious descent. plus, a little exploring.

IMG_0175 IMG_0177

and two thumbs up from paul.

IMG_0178 IMG_0186 IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0181 IMG_0180

 that should do it for now. back next week with more pics for ya. happy friday!