{saturdaysanté} week 31 | august 2

IMG_0149IMG_0150IMG_0151IMG_0154IMG_0126 saturdaysanté 

what a delightful day. we got up good and early and made a run to the market with a very bedhead and sleepy-eyed baby girl who was all kinds of sweet and hilarious. and it was almost cool outside! cali-type weather. windows down kind of weather. blistering heat reprieve!

after our kitchen was sufficiently stocked, we enjoyed a fruity juicy breakfast before a little playtime. can we just talk about pineapple for a moment? give me all the pineapple please and thank you.

since we had a full day ahead of us, with big plans to spend the afternoon in tucson, we made sure that elinor got in a few morning zzzzz's and didn't just have to push through sans any sort of nap. whiiiiiich gave me and my man a couple of hours of relaxy time together. wa-to-the-hoo!

we unrolled the mats and settled into a serious and extended ashtanga session. beck + the black keys + coldplay + chet faker + hamilton leithauser + needtobreathe + PHOX + slow club shuffling in the background. such a perfectly sweaty and detoxifying time. then, we got ourselves and our things ready to pack into the car for our mini roadtrip. we even got in a quick juicing so we had some nourishment and hydration for the road. a bunny's week's worth of carrots plus two full bunches of spinach, stems and all, and some local apples. oh, and ginger. we got waaaaay heavy-handed with that stuff. spicy.

and then, we were off! the rest of the day was spent wandering and mini-hiking and exploring and eating. and enjoying clouds and breeze and rain.

rain, you guys. RAIN! high five, saturday.

more on our quick trip to tucson a bit later. that deserves a post all to itself.