taking stock | july's end


|making| the most of my breastfeeding sessions with elinor. starting the official weaning process is, a lot. but i know it is time. she is absolutely ready and i aaaaam reaaaaaaaady kiiiiinda soooooorta. bittersweet. but loving our new post-wake-up snuggle time. exploring new mama-daughter experiences will be great. |cooking| up the last of our seasonal CSA. whatever will we do until the next harvest? |drinking| coconut water and juice. all the juice. |reading| spurgeon + my new reads that my hubby gave me for my bday + nutrition textbooks + product white papers + the freedom of the will + elinor's selections which vary according to the day and mood + collecting my reads for the beach, yay! |wanting| the fall to be here, like...now. |looking| into dance classes for elinor. eep! itty bitty ballet cuteness! |playing| lots of music. all the time. lots of french and classical and mellow jams. |wasting| veggie fiber and dry pulp. planning to convert that to a combo of mirepoix + garnish + compost. |sewing| nada. but talking to my mom about what she's got going on in that department. |wishing| for a backyard garden like ina garten. |enjoying| my super duper early morning time with hubby > with my savior > then by myself and with my work. |waiting| for my car to be fixed. |liking| bright patterns. |wondering| about so many things. |loving| watching ben work so hard and be a total rockstar at the office then coming home and being such a sweet and attentive papa. |hoping| for some rain... |marveling| at God's provision and tenderness. |needing| to quit being such a control-freak. |smelling| rose incense and orange peel and peaches. |wearing| a chambray skirt and tank and birks and head wrap. |noticing| the intense whiteness of my skin. |knowing| more and more and less and less. |thinking| about chopping my hairs. and freaking my hubby out with talk of bleached out blonde or steel gray, one day. |feeling| tight. like, muscle tight. not like, that is wicked tight, yo. |bookmarking| mama-daughter matching stuff. |opening| the fridge to get some dinner rolling. |giggling| feels extra good.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.