food trucks and tractors and a heck of a good time. and sweat, plenty of sweat.

IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0121 last night was our weekly trip to the farm and it was just what the doctor ordered. it is such a nice way to break up the week. playing and taking a night off from cooking and mingling with folks and getting our vitamin D fix.

before making our usual beeline to the uprooted kitchen food truck, we took a few minutes to play in the grass with elinor and let our wiggles and giggles run wild. twirling and running and chasing. you know, child's play.

IMG_0124 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0118

and then, we placed our dinner order and grabbed a table to wait and people-watch. after we had sweat off any existing calories and liquid left in our systems, it was chow time. man, we devour that stuff. every last bite. even the lettuce at the bottom of the bowl. that's when you know the food is good. when even the plain old lettuce is gobbled up. ben got the vegan cheese crisp. a whole wheat tortilla filled with roasted butternut squash + daiya {vegan} cheese + sliced tomatoes + grilled peppers and onions + walnut meat + basil + kale + cashew cream. and i got the black bean sweet potato burger topped with chipotle slaw + corn + avocado + radish. SO GOOD. elinor enjoyed bits and pieces from both of our meals, so she probably got the best deal of all.

IMG_0123 IMG_0122 IMG_0115 IMG_0117 IMG_0116

after dinner, elinor hopped in the sling and we went for a stroll of the grounds. pointing and babbling and observing. elinor seemed pretty taken with the tractor so naturally, i paused to tell her all about that. you know, expert that i am. a regular farm hand. yup.

after we were sufficiently red-cheeked and delirious, we grabbed our CSA goodies and bid the farm a fond farewell for the week.

i am so grateful for my little family and our everyday adventures. it sure makes life sweet.