lemony snicket!

since i am not really a swearing gal, an exclamatory "lemony snicket!" will just have to do. i guess you could say that i have been experiencing my own little series of unfortunate events in the past few weeks. i mean, you have to laugh at it right? sometimes the ridiculousness of it all is just too much. as a funny-ha-ha-but-nonetheless-embarrassing example: last week, i told ben that i would do a solo grocery run while he prepped dinner. you guys! 45 minutes of wandering around whole foods! not a care in the world. checking stuff off my list. feeling pretty fab. one of the checkout ladies and i have established quite a rapport over the past few months. she is my go-to. we talk about new things in the store and swap recipe ideas and you know, yuk it up over the beep, beep, beep of the register. as we wrapped up our repartee, she gave me my total and i started fishing in my purse for the old wallet. not there. i explained the predicament and she chuckled and suspended my receipt while i gathered my thoughts.

i grabbed my phone and made the call to ben so he could hop in the car with E to bring me my moolah. i told him of my stupidity and gave him my simple solution. yeaaaahhh...except that i took the car with the carseat. shoot.

by this point, my face must have been the color of my beautiful beets that were mocking me from my cart. i sheepishly moved my almost-purchases to the side and ran to the car to drive back home. my little family greeted me outside. i rolled my eyes. ben held back the laughter. and i headed off to make things right at the store. so i am that person now.

life, man. sometimes it kicks you in the shorts a bit. and really, all you can do is brush yo shoulders off, laugh, ugly cry...whatever you need to do to move forward. just praying that you aren't losing it. and praying for a new day and a heaping serving of fresh mercies. today is a new day. and this is the day that the Lord has made. i am going to rejoice and be glad. and i am going to see the good. because there is so much good. and things could be so much worse. but hey! let's not try that on for size.


have you guys experienced a weird season? where things just feel a bit off-kilter? or where you feel like you just keep doing goofy things? you know, when it rains, it pours?