a freshly picked review

IMG_0105 we are major fans of our FP moccs. quite possibly, obsession level at this point. but a girl's gotta have shoes! and when it comes to footwear, i have always held the quality over quantity approach...that's not to say that quantity isn't a major plus. wink.

elinor has always been a no-fuss gal. she has always liked being barefoot. and socks? ha! those babies come right off. once she was out of her itty-bitty infant stage where growth is a little wonky and unpredictable, it was all about freshly picked. we took the plunge and bought our very first pair from an auction supporting trax bacquet. and we haven't looked back. we are officially hooked. elinor loves her "sooooos" {shoes}. and at this point, she really thinks that shoes = freshly picked moccs. they are all she's known. get them started right! on the right foot, if you will.

since that first purchase, we have snagged a few colors in each size. i have resisted the urge to buy ALL THE MOCCS whenever her feet grow. but i am trying to pace myself. we just received these goldenrod ones and i am totally smitten. so sunshiny and happy. the perfect yellow. and elinor gets so excited about her "yeahyo sooooos". using shoes is an accepted method for teaching toddlers colors, right? 

each morning, i help elinor get dressed and then she gets to select her color of the day to complete the ensemble. and the bright colors really do work with anything. that's the beauty. they are statement pieces. the toddler equivalent of a metallic or animal print. a neutral. but anything but neutral. the funnest colors! {p.s. have you considered a safari line, susan? fun animal prints in suede and leather and metallic. just saying'}

IMG_0107 IMG_0106

but they aren't just pretty to look at, they are so practical. oh supple leather. like buttah. they are soft where it counts and mold to the foot like a dream. they are roomy so there is space for the toes to wiggle and the foot to grow which extends the life of the shoe, big time. but, they also have a solid ankle for some support and a snug fit. the design is so functional and downright genius.

the feeling of barefoot freedom with the look of fun fashion. perfect.

and can we talk about the adorable footprint on the bottom? that's something for the memory book, right there.

and since the quality is superb, i know that when elinor grows out of one size, i can just give them a little clean up and store them in their dust bag for next kiddos or to pass along. now, those are my kind of hand-me-downs.

thank you freshly picked. we heart you. and we can't wait for our next pair to arrive. keep the cutesy coolness coming!


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