caring for the temple

IMG_0096 IMG_0097IMG_0103 we are all about spending our money on food. the produce section is our pharmacy, i suppose. let food be thy medicine. it is an investment in our health and vitality which we need.

have i mentioned that elinor is super busy and wild? and she is only (almost} 21 months so we have a lot of energy expenditure in the coming years...

in case you haven't noticed, i am a bit of a pitta so i am often drawn to cool, sweet, and stabilizing foods to balance myself out. especially during the crazy hot summer months. currently, we are eating all raw foods until dinner. it just feels good. it is all that i want and all that vibrant, juicy fruit and veg keeps me hydrated and happy. in the evenings my body starts to cool off and calm down so i start to get excited about more complex and hearty foods. something more satisfying that will carry me to the next day.

soooooo...that's what's happening around here! all the fruit and juice we can stand throughout the day and then sitting down to enjoy whatever tickles our fancy for dinner. that's that. for the time being.

we like to take a holistic and big picture approach to things. not looking at just one day or even one week or month...but, seasons and years. lifespan, you know? over the course of a year and with the change of the seasons, my body wants different things. more warming foods during the cooler months and raw stuff in the hot months. there is a reason why we crave watermelon in the summer. there's a reason why foods like that are in season. it aaaalll makes sense. truly, God did a remarkably complex work when he created these bodies of ours. we have mechanisms built in to give us cues and to keep things balanced. it is our job to take the proper actions to care for these temples. to focus on nourishment and wellness instead of deprivation or extremes. it isn't yo-yoing and weigh-ins and punishment and counting - no pain, no gain. it is about enjoying the bounty that God has given us. eating for energy and enjoyment. caring for this precious gift, this temple of the Holy Spirit. have you read what they did to design and create and decorate the temples of the old testament? it was a big deal. as it should be. the earthly dwelling places of the Most High should be anything but blah. this body has been given to us to carry us through this life and do great things. we can't be sluggish. we can't be dilapidated. tiptop, i tell you! you gotta do what you can to keep it performing so you don't miss opportunities. oh, and enjoy some cake from time to time. and cheese because, yum.

santé. to your health!

p.s. on another health-related you oil pull? i am a fan but hubby is not so sure. perhaps it is the coconut oil. he isn't quite as cuckoo for coconuts as i. we go through two bottles a week around here. it is everything. oil pulling, moisturizer, spf, hair mask, cooking, diaper cream. do you have a favorite product? unconventional uses? do tell!