{saturdaysanté} week 30 | july 26

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any post that starts off with latte art like that is just bound to be a good one. same goes for saturdays.

since we had some very important errands to run - i'm talking 'bout you, oil change - we figured we would make a midday of it and spend some quality time wandering. we window shopped and i made dangerous mental lists for future shopping sprees. after all that, i grabbed myself a fruity and refreshing tonic and we all camped out at the coffee shop around the corner. at which point, ben's mom and sister katie met up with us for a brief but delightful coffee date. hence the latte shot. oh, and ben couldn't resist the siren song of the croissant. we parked the stroller for a spell while we chatted and let elinor nibble some of ben's pastry. so nice of him to share...

and then, off for more strolling. we spent far too much time in restoration hardware {but hurray! i think i have finally decided on our dining table and chairs. i think... oh, and our couch. a couch which we absolutely do not need but absolutely need to have. i smell redecorating! and redecorating smells a lot like vintage ebony leather} and once we had our fill of luxury, made a pitstop at the family restroom before heading home. but not before capturing a group shot in the bathroom mirror because, we are cool like that.

oh yeah, and did i mention that elinor fell asleep in her magic mobile? the bugaboo and the sakura sling, i tell ya. superpowers when it comes to littles.

and that was only the half of it. the rest of day was equally as lovely but far less sweaty and outdoors. we played inside and listened to music and laughed at elinor's antics and danced and colored and read books and ate a tasty dinner together. it was the best kind of day.

p.s. how is it week 30 of the year? like, way more than halfway over. craziness.

p.p.s. how happy and sunny are elinor's moccs? obsessed. and i might have a pair of rose gold metallic ones on the way because, swanky.  also, if you haven't entered my giveaway with freshly picked you should totally get in on all that. people are really getting into it here on the bloggity blog...and over on instagram? well, it is a downright tag-a-palooza which is amazing! the more the merrier and the more you play, the greater your chances to win.