a lawn party

photo 6.JPG photo 7.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 5.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 2.JPG yesterday kind of got away from us. by the time we got around to dinner preparations, we were not feeling it. and our tummies were ready to eat already. fortunately, my dreamboat of a husband remembered an email that he received about postino east's anniversary. he pulled it up and confirmed our hopes: $5 bruschetta boards all day! decision made.

we hopped in the car and took a little drive into the heart of old-timey gilbert. a city that is quickly becoming our favorite.

when we arrived at the restaurant, we saw the throng. apparently, everyone else got the email too. an hour wait just wouldn't do. so, we figured we would "rough it" and have a little picnic on the lawn. everything worked out beautifully. one table left with two chairs and plenty of faux grass space for a toddler to roam and make friends with other tiny patrons at the surrounding tables. and there were clouds. and a breeze. a completely wonderful night. a completely rare june evening when you could dine al fresco and feel pretty good about it. we got plenty of ice water flowing and ordered some wine for the grown-ups. and then, two boards of bruschetta. a whopping ten bucks total. seriously, this was our night.

and see! see! see! we even managed a family photo! gasp. that is such a unicorn for us. a kind stranger made her way over when she saw me and my picture snapping and offered to get one of ALL THREE OF US. can you see how happy i am about it? i mean, obviously.

and God capped it all off by painting the most glorious sky for us. an artistic reminder that each day is written, produced, and directed by Him. and gosh, He is good at what He does. and He was really showing off yesterday. love it when He does that.


oh friends. it was the greatest night. definitely up there on my list of faves.

and oh! it is friday now. happy friday to ya!