{saturdaysanté} week 26 | june 28

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oh saturday, aren't you splendid? and so striking.

sure, the temps are soaring around here, but so are our spirits. God has been really giving us a sky show. colors and clouds and just enough breeze to keep the magnificent artwork blithely moving along and morphing from one gorgeous scene to the next. i am so grateful for His grand gestures of grace.

and for His simple kindnesses. like, spotting an old and robust tree with a perfect tire swing hanging and moving with the summer wind.

it reminded me of the feeling of summer at the old ridley homestead. those blissful weeks of my childhood spent in canada, running around outdoors until the mosquitos began attacking at dusk and you were forced to retreat to the indoors. time spent at the lake. days spent playing and rollerblading at the park. running around with cousins and neighbors - family and new friends that you hoped to see again next summer vacation. melting, sticky, corn syrupy popsicles and otter pops. backyard barbecues with burgers and corn and pasta salad and bagged milk. drives in the country that would end at quaint ice cream shops where they put whole apple pies into their creamery creations. playing in dilapidated barns. searching for worms and other critters. digging and making mud creations. sprinklers. weeding. rolling down hills. long days and rejuvenating sleep. sweat and nasty outdoor kids smell. the stuff of summertime. that all came rushing back in one moment. it felt like home. it felt so unlike arizona.

oh yeah, and then i rolled down the car window to snap a pic and that oppressive desert heat smacked me in the face. riiiight. arizona. almost forget there... sorry about all that dreamland reminiscing business.

but, this beautiful hotbox is still in my good graces because we found a new ice cream joint just a few miles from our house and i am smitten. farm to creamery. local and fresh and all kinds of hitting the spot. i am terribly afraid for my waistline. i had a scoop of the yummiest dark chocolate. so bitter and creamy. just right. and for kicks, added a scoop of "fried ice cream" ice cream. a dreamy vanilla base with cinnamon and corn flakes and local honey. it was crazy. elinor was all over that. that girl put it away. she eagerly dipped her spoon into my bowl and let out a gleeful mmmmm with every bite followed by a contented sigh. i guess you could say we are major fans of summer right now.

keep it coming.