food and drink, lately

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so, there have been some good eats around these parts. summer is off to a tasty start. plenty of fresh and local ingredients and mr. ben's magic in the kitchen. très bon.

ben's grapefruit campari macaron and french roast + elinor's typical meal. not pictured: power smoothie and egg yolks. um, growth spurt. + raw local honey surprise in our CSA box + a golden yolk and avocado. my faves. + guacamole all the time + zucchini stir-fry type thing + popcorn and bubbly + ben's bread + summer salad with blueberries and peaches.

i will try to get back into posting some nourriture for ya. but if you can't wait that long and want to know what we are eating, pretty much right when we are eating it...feel free to stalk us on instagram.