flower child

meande5 meande4 welcome to a new week, friends!  i hope you had a splendid weekend.  we sure did.  lots of playing and running around and wandering...and attempting to stay cool in the triple-digit heat.  hellooooo summer!

you know that gloriously perfect sunday feeling?  when the day seems long in such a good way?  yesterday was one of those.  and i love those.  hubby and i woke up a tad early so we could have some morning time together.  we sipped tea and watched the soft light fill our home.  we enjoyed an extended yoga practice.  afterward, we woke elinor and added her morning exuberance to the scene.

then, our little family headed off to church.  the drive was leisurely and lovely.  elinor joined the other kiddos in her class and hubby and i went to service together.  the music was exceptionally exquisite.  the sermon was illuminating and convicting and encouraging.  i was enthused.  we spent some time in reflection at the Lord's Table and we were reminded yet again of His mercies and grace.  and then, i snagged elinor from her class a bit early so she could join us for the final time of singing and the benediction.  i have gotten into the habit of doing this because i love that precious time together.  singing together and closing the service joyfully, as a family.  it sets such a nice tone for the rest of the day...and week.

flowerchild3 flowerchild7flowerchild1

after church, we piled into the car {ahem, oven} and made our way to flower child for some lunch.  such a groovy joint.  and SO up our alley.  like, i feel like it was created for us.  i mean, they have kombucha on tap. soooo....

we ordered a nice assortment of dishes and set up shop at a white marble bistro table with primo views of the decor.  it is an open air joint so you get just enough of a breeze and outdoorsyness without baking in the AZ sun.  my kind of al fresco.

flowerchild5 flowerchild6 flowerchild2

i sipped kombucha and hubby got some house lemonade.  we shared some avocado hummus.  ben got a warm mushroom salad and i enjoyed a mix-up of veg, which i shared with e.  and baked treats.  oh my.  the yummiest little GF goodies!  ben got a brown rice crisp treat and i got a cacao coconut walnut hemp cookie.  they were so very good.

overall, we were quite pleased.  this will definitely be added to the sunday rotation.  it should fit in nicely, i think.  and elinor absolutely approved.  she nibbled away and gave us a few happy mmmmmm's throughout the meal.


good golly, sunday, you were good to us.  sunday, you are the best one.  and speaking of the best one...would you look at my dapper man in his bow tie?  sheesh.  too cool.