{saturdaysanté} week 18 | may 3

eandben eandben2 saturdaysanté 

such a simple day.  nothing fussy.  we took it slow in the morning.  we eased into things.

ben played with elinor while i planned our menu for the week.  we exchanged ideas and desired dishes.  i looked at the calendar to make sure we didn't double-book ourselves.  after writing up the menu for display in our kitchen, i jotted down the ingredient list.  and then, off to the market.

we stocked up and laughed as elinor said hi and bye to everyone.  she flirted with the lady at the register.  and she inspected the grocery bags to make sure things looked right.

before heading home, we picked up two cups of organic roast for the adults to sip on during elinor's morning nap.

sipping and chatting and relaxing.

an afternoon of wandering and errand running.

an evening back at home with summertime salad and music and make-believe.

just as a day should be.