taking stock | april's end

taking stock |making| tea. |cooking| lots of colorful veggies.  and using coconut oil by the jar. |drinking| raw coconut water. |reading| teaching montessori in the home + how children succeed + shepherding a child's heart |wanting| chocolate. |looking| up. |playing| dmb + band of horses + bon iver + imagine dragons + beck + chet faker + john mayer + needtobreathe |wasting| herbs.  specifically, the lavender that seems to despise everything about this climate and our home. |sewing| thinking about a new quilt and a summer quick-project for elinor. |wishing| that my phone battery would last longer. |enjoying| my yoga practice. |waiting| for the timer to go off. |liking| bright-colored everything. |wondering| what life will look like a year from now. |loving| our family strolls. |hoping| in the promises of God. |marveling| at what my hubby does.  i think he is a genius. |needing| to make a list. |smelling| sandalwood incense. |wearing| my birks + shorts + messy braids + rose lip moisturizer. |noticing| the fresh light of spring. |knowing| that i can do all things through Christ. |thinking| a lot. |feeling| blissful and productive. |bookmarking| too many things to mention. |opening| an email. |giggling| makes my heart feel bubbly.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.