{saturdaysanté} week 1 | january 4

sante for those darling instagram followers of mine, this is old news.  but, i wanted to officially kick off and commemorate my #saturdaysanté here on the ol' blog. here's a wee matra-type-thing for my grand plan...


going through the day with intention. adding activities of health. focusing on foods that nourish. eating for pleasure. finding happiness in movement. delighting in the simple. choosing joy. maintaining a spirit of grace and gratitude. being kind. connecting. engaging in restorative practices. adding in variety to promote balance. enjoying fresh things. looking for the lovely. chasing light. spending my day deliberately.

saturday will be about health. about wellness. running. dancing. yoga. juicing. reading. getting a massage. strolling. learning. laughing. investing in people. slowly sipping cappuccino. cooking. volunteering. gardening. dog walking. hiking. cleaning. organizing. whatever is needed to encourage true health. mind. body. spirit.

i will be hashtagging my way through 2014 over on instagram and i would love for you to do the same.  share your cup of coffee or morning run or dancing or soccer game or book or facial or sunrise or art or, or, or.  whatever tickles your fancy and is in the spirit of santé!  whatever adds "to your health!"

and yes, i will post pictures and tales and quotes and tips on here each saturday...before signing off for an unplugged sabbath.  weekends are gonna be the best, you guys.

join the journey.