2014 reads

books last night, hubby and i selected our books for 2014.  we have a ton of books.  like serious collector {ahem, hoarder} status.  at least six giant bookshelves worth, with boxes and stacks scattered elsewhere.  and half of our books are leather-bound, gold-leafed easton press collector editions.  i told you, serious stuff.  and that hubby of mine has probably read 90% of them.  sheesh.

and so, as we were picking our reads, i decided to shop from our own collection.  reading books that i already own.  no more buying new until i have read my 12!

i will be the first to admit that i am a reading slacker.  not that i don't enjoy reading, i absolutely do.  the thing is, i have gotten into a bit of a reading rut.  i find that i am only grabbing books with some kind of utilitarian value and then i voraciously consume them in a sitting or so.  binge reading.  and the last year or so, my selections have looked like the baby/parent section of a barnes and noble.  pregnancy, birth, vaccines, naturopathic remedies, parenting strategies.  not a lot of variety there.  lots of great titles and solid content, but not a lot that is just reading for pleasure.  sure, i did read bringing up bebe but that was pretty much it for "fun".  that needs to change.  and while i will always read my practical publications...knowledge is power, and all that...it is time to add some spice to the repertoire.

and so, i plucked a dozen books from our shelves and gave them a new home.  a designated and conspicuous place of honor in our study.  it will be so rewarding to watch that collection dwindle as the months go on.  or perhaps, december of 2014 will be one wild month.  no matter what it takes, i am getting my nose into more books.  and these are the ones:

jane austen | sense & sensibility

erik larson | devil in the white city

jonathan edwards | the freedom of the will

jrr tolkien | the hobbit

john piper | future grace

julia child | my life in france

alexander mccall | the unbearable lightness of scones

dave eggers | a heartbreaking work of staggering genius

confessions of st. augustine

samuel butler | the way of all flesh

oliver goldsmith | she stoops to conquer

collected poetry | frost | keats | browning

a mix of classics and newer publications.  a few that i have recently acquired but never read or started but never completed, some that are my hubby's recommendations, and a handful that i was assigned back in HS or college, that deserve another look with fresh and more appreciative eyes.

what are you reading this year?  i would love to hear... feel free to join in our virtual #swankyanddapperbookclub and try for one book a month or 12 for the year, whatever works for you.

* ben's picks are pictured above but i figured i would extend an invitation for a "guest post" where he can share his selections and thoughts on all things books.