epiphany happy epiphany to you!

a grainy and glowing black and white from a morning yoga sesh with my man.  i have been focusing on my inversions lately because they just feel so good.  that rush of blood to the head.  ahhhhh.  and my man managed to capture this moment while i was working on my urdhva padmasana by the twinkle of the tree.  back when the tree was still up.  frowny face.

we packed away the ol' tannenbaum this weekend.  i must admit that it was refreshing to put away all the festive bits and start anew.  i cleaned out and cleaned up and reorganized.  ahhhhh.  the house wasn't as festooned, but it had a good feel.

of course, it was rather heart-breaking when elinor awoke from her nap and discovered that her beloved tree was gone.  i brought her downstairs and she immediately stuck out her pointer finger toward the phantom tree and asked, "teeeeee?!"  she retracted her finger and swiveled her head, in search of the object of her affection.  and then, pointing over and over again and asking for her "teeeeee".  her face dropped.  she gave us the saddest expression and let out a disheartened sigh.  we almost grabbed the box and put that guy back up.  seriously.  so sad.  and for the past few days, whenever she comes downstairs, she looks for the tree.  such hope.  such anticipation.  longing for her beautiful tree.  the glow.  the light.

may my heart be as elinor's.  the childlike faith.  the anticipation.  my gaze fixed on that tree.  the killing tree.  my salvation.  the beauty.  the light.  my hope.  my future grace.