happy hour

IMG_8266 a few days back, our little family took a little trip to st. francis for happy hour.  and it was happy, indeed.  for miss elinor, the afternoon started on a very smiley note which is always a sign of pleasantness to come.  she was a doll.  she sang to us on the ride over and squealed with joy as we made our way inside.

IMG_8296 IMG_8298

we were seated upstairs so we had a primo view of the restaurant and the brightest mural on the wall behind us.  i am fairly certain that the colors could have kept elinor amused for the duration of the meal.  her head would swivel over and she would oooohh and point.  so much to see!  but, then, the bread hit the table.


ahhh, the bread.  we decided to be nice parents and share this crusty deliciousness with our child.  up to this point, elinor has been sans bread.  we don't eat a ton of it, usually.  but this stuff is kind of a local celebrity so we couldn't resist.  and oh my.  you know that moment when you taste something that is so close to perfect that you want to extract every ounce of flavor...and then you close your eyes and try to ingrain that taste into your being...and you hope that if you take long enough, it will last forever and somehow enmesh itself into your tastebuds so you will never be without it again?  yes.  that moment.  we found ourselves nodding.  not speaking a word but saying it all.  yes.  this.  is.  bread.  meanwhile, elinor had furrowed her brow and gave us one of those uuuummm, hello?  what about me, guys? looks.  and so, we broke bread with our baby girl.  sharing is caring.  i tore off a tiny bite and soaked it in some olive oil.  and let me tell you, it had the same effect on elinor.  her eyes widened.  she pursed her lips.  and she let out the most sincere mmmmmm sound that i have ever heard.  and then, she took her time sucking every last drop of flavor out of that little bite before enthusiastically going back for more.  that's our girl.


and then, there was nothing left but a smearing of oil and crumbs.  but not to worry, the entrees arrived shortly thereafter and all was happy again.  the prettiest bowl of local veggies on a bed of forbidden rice.  elinor and i split the dish.  and she also received a few nibbles of papa's meatballs.


elinor was obsessed with the beets.  thrilled by them.  and you know what?  her mama liked them too.  although, i did not look nearly as cute eating them as she did.  i like that shade on you, baby girl.