our little fishy

IMG_8286 oh, what fun we had at the pool with our splishy splashy girl!

elinor has  always loved her bath.  she makes the funniest faces and smacks her hands against the water.  she likes to stay in there good and long.  until her toesies are all pruny.  so we had high hopes for the pool.  and we were not disappointed.

she waded in and started in on the gentle duck-like kicks.  smiling and squinting in the sun.  and then, smack!  her hands greeted the top of the water and it was on.  splashing everywhere.  water on mama's sunglasses.  water in the eyes.  water in the mouth.  up the nose.  you name it.  she was so amused with herself.  and this "splash, splash, splash" continued for a good hour.  and yes, we were cheering her on, all the way.

we will applaud this raucous splashing behavior in the same way that we encourage the topless swimming...for now.  for the time being, it is the cutest.  and we are going to eat it up.  because we know that there will come a day when splashing is prohibited by conspicuously posted signage. and swimming topless?  well...in spite of our affinity for all things european, that is one activity that is better left across the pond.  pretty sure papa would prefer that you wear a mumu at all times, little girl.

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