baby who brunches


last weekend was pretty swell.  saturday mornings are always my favorites; but this one was extra nice.  i have started joining some of the gals in my family for a saturday morning sweat session.  it is a lovely treat to get out of the house for a couple of hours and just really savor some workout time.  i am getting back into my yoga practice and getting in more time with the ladies in my life.  no complaints there.

this also gives papa some special time with his little girl.  he gets to wake her and feed her and play with her.  bona fide bonding time...without mama there to act as a distraction.  i am glad they have these moments...and i am grateful for a bit of time to shut off my brain and do something different.  thanks hubby.

but, back to brunch.

after i returned from my morning, we braved the summer sun and took a drive to chelsea's kitchen for some brunch.  eeep!  so good.  the restaurant is so cozy and it was a hodge-podge of fancy ladies giggling over bottomless mimosas, elaborately coiffed hipster couples, post hike outdoorsy folks, and effusive young families.  the perfect scene.  we set up shop and plopped elinor down in the corner of the booth.  she had her toys, she had a room to explore, she was all set.  and while we waited for our food to arrive, she made friends with the 18 month old girl next door.  a sweet little face that was covered in a thick layer of some mystery glop.  and she swiveled with glee while waving her arms at miss elinor.  it was a fine mess of the cutest kind.

my man sipped his bloody mary and we chatted while elinor played and socialized.  and then, the food.  ben ordered the short rib hash and i got the crab cake benedict.  both were winners in their own right.  eggs benedict is one of my very favorites and this was the ultimate.  freshly baked english muffins topped with jumbo lump crab, braised spinach, and bright hollandaise.  with a side of mint fruit.  meanwhile, ben looked like he had just won the lottery.  a pile of meat with a golden, runny egg yolk on top and a toasted english muffin for sopping up all the residual goodness.  happy man.

IMG_8285 IMG_8187

elinor started flapping her arms as soon as the plates hit the table.  someone was really excited for brunch.  she sat on papa's knee and nibbled on beef bits before being transferred to my lap for some egg {and a bit of crab.  oops!  sometimes i forget about all that potential food allergy business...but, she gobbled it up and there wasn't a hive in sight.  phew...} it was glorious.  we took our time and enjoyed a leisurely brunch as our little family of three. i love our sweet little foodie fam.