okey dokey artichokey

21 we had a simply wonderful weekend together.  our little fam enjoyed a yummy dinner out with friends on friday.  i snuck away for some saturday morning excercise with the gals.  we had an extra fun grocery run in the afternoon {a dash of goofiness makes everything better}.  we cooked at home and gobbled up lots of good food.  we worshipped and fellowshipped.  and sunday afternoon included a crudités spread, hummus + pita, popcorn...and some arrested development watching.  good times.

and it must be said that we are loving this almost nine months stage.  our little miss is really letting her personality out these days.  she is smiley and playful and way too cute.  such a ham!  it is all about playing it up to get a laugh.  and it works like a charm.  she does the funniest version of peek-a-boo.  and has recently added this dramatic backward swan dive move during mealtime that kills me.  we have an entertainer on our hands.  and each action is paired with a glance toward her mama or papa...just to make sure we caught it and respond with the appropriate applause or laugh or such.  she is a good time.

oh hey...whole foods!  feel free to use this pic to promote your reusable bag.  i happen to think that little babe is the perfect posterchild for, well, pretty much anything.  and please note the color coordination.  totally by happenstance.  we are cool that way.

p.s. this post not sponsored by whole foods.  although, that would be awesome.  {hint, hint}