you and me, always and forever

if you follow us on instagram {which you totally should.  anybody who is anybody is following us on IG, after all} then you know that the in-car-couple-selfie is kind of our thang.

the other day, i was looking through the archives and noticed just how many of these that we have accumulated.  and so, if you please, indulge me in a stroll down memory lane.  cue the absurdly excessive pictorial stream of our faces...

i sure do like being a couple with him.  here's to a lifetime of cutesy, lovey-dovey, silly, happy, goofy, smiley pictures together.

||  a year's worth of us.  from newest to oldest  ||

 17 16 1 photo 7 (2) photo 4 photo 1 photo 1

want more?  okay, you asked for it...

photo 8 photo 2 photo 1 IMG_5946 IMG_5268 IMG_4108 IMG_2042 IMG_5472 IMG_5405 IMG_5268 IMG_4738 IMG_4631 IMG_4514 IMG_4489 IMG_4391 IMG_4373 IMG_4317 IMG_4205 IMG_4203 IMG_4172 IMG_4125 IMG_4108 IMG_4099 IMG_4038 IMG_3979

you made it!  mwah!

happy friday.

xo, swanky & dapper