an imelda marcos worthy post

i heart shoes.  what is it about shoes, gosh darn it?  they bring out the hoarder in me.  i just want to keep collecting them and never let them go.  you never know when they will come in handy for that occasion six years from now...riiiiight? here is a quick snapshot of my favs.  cutie-pies that i would really like to add to my closet.


1 kate spade | 2 kate spade | 3 j.crew | 4 j.crew | 5 j.crew | 6 soludos espadrilles | 7 kate spade | 8 j.crew | 9 birkenstock

as you can see.  i am a sucker for glitz and glitter.  but i also love a comfy shoe. and yes, you saw a birkenstock in there.  i happen to really like the classic white suede birk.  it is the perfect chill summer shoe.  with a pair of denim cut offs.  or a flowy dress.  yes and yes.