date night @ searsucker

photo 3 (2) photo 1 photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 photo 1 (2) photo 5 photo 2 (2) oh brian malarkey.  you culinary conceptual genius, you.  thank you for gracing us with one of your restaurants here in the desert.  we thank you.

so my hubby ate at the original searsucker when he was in san diego for his boys weekend.  he came home and bragged about the best brunch ever.  and yes, pregnant me was very jealous of his gastro good time.  but then!  we discovered that mr. malarkey would soon be opening a searsucker in scottsdale {insert happy dance here}.  we waited for what felt like forever... long enough to have a baby even.  and then we finally stopped by for some brunch.  well, it was really something.  totally lived up to all my man's bragging.

so, when we were planning our sans baby date night for this week {thank you grandparents!} we decided to give te dinner menu at searsucker a go.  good move, us.  it was amazing.  we didn't even touch the real entrees, we just dabbled in small dish land. and oh my.  so darn yummy.  dare i say, scrumtrulescent?  yes, i dare say that.  we tried quite a few dishes and took our time savoring each one.  so much fun.  and so tasty.  if you are a local...go here.  and go here often.  it will rock your world people.

here's what we had:

house made cinnamon infused bourbon + lime + ginger beer + bitters

cheddar puffers

nuts + spice + salt

duck fat fries + tomato jam

chicken + waffle + frank’s

shrimp “spicy” + bacon grits

and p.s. the menu descriptions are deceptively simple...what lies underneath is total creativity and flavor complexity.  i love that the menu is totally chill and then when you taste the dish it is like "woah!"  for example:  nuts + spice + salt = spice coated roasted nuts with a salty sweet, crunchy glaze.  they were the yummiest nuts i have ever had.  plain as that.