vitamin D overdose

photo it is officially sunshiney time in arizona.  yes, indeedy-do.  and that is my sad little sunburned face.  pink forehead.  red lips.  melasma cheeks {thank you residual pregnancy hormones}  looking good lady, looking good.

this past saturday morning, i decided that i would take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go on an extended run.  elinor was enjoying her heavy morning nap.  and my sweet hubby was kind enough to hold down the fort so i could get some one-on-one time with the pavement.  it was glorious.  sunshine.  cool breeze.  vibrant blossoms.  springtime scents.  it was prefect.  and 11 miles later, my legs were starting to get heavy and it was feeling really good with that runner's high and all.  plus, i had worked up a nice, cleansing sweat and soaked up some vitamin D.

oh, but silly me. i forgot that when you haven't really soaked up any serious rays in months and months and months, anything longer than an hour in the sunshine will inevitable crisp you up pretty good.  desert sun, you don't mess around.  and now, thanks to my lack of spf-ing, i have a super cool v-neck tan line AND a band on my left arm where my iPod was strapped on.  so, i kind of look like i'm rocking a red and white body chevron pattern.  nice.