mama musings


{miss elinor wearing one of her great-grandmama's scarves}

couldn't you just melt?  i know. 

she is one cutie pie and smarty pants.  and speaking of smarty pants, or in this case, smarty diapers...

ben and i were having a quintessential parental conversations the other day.  you know the one where you project into your child's future and imagine all the wonderful things that she will do and experience?  the one where you start {insanely, prematurely} freaking out about colleges and therefore, kindergartens?  this was only exacerbated by our receiving a copy of some kind of how-to-have-the-bestest-brightest-cutest-hippest-happiest-healthiest-most-over-scheduled-kid-in-arizona-seriously-you-better-read-me-cover-to-cover-and-get-moving-or-you-will-be-labeled-as-a-loser-parent-and-your-child-will-be-a-nobody magazine, a publication of the guilt company.  so, we actually, seriously, truly discussed where our three month old should attend kindergarten.  yup.  we are those people now.  and yes, we have a few in mind. and no, i am not going to disclose for fear of the toddler saboteurs who might be reading this blog and who might attempt to wreck our chances of admittance.


but seriously, hasn't it gotten a little out of control?  i mean, i am all about a solid education and encouraging intelligence and learning.  but does it all have to be about social ladders and connections and fast tracks and intelligence exams.  that's right.  some prestigious kindergartens have actual admittance exams.  wsj just did an article on this very subject.  head over here to check it out AND take the test for yourself.  how did you do?  what do you think?  keeping in mind that even if you do well, it only means that you are on par with nyc toddlers, soooo...