chef ben {manly, meaty chili}

 photo 1

oh yes, chef ben has been in the kitchen...  aromas of toasted spices and browned beef.  happy day.

for superbowl, my hubby leaned on our go-to guy, mr. tyler florence.  he flipped to the "guy's game night" section and selected a perfectly fitting prime rib chili.  holy moly folks.  so, so good.

photo 2

he lovingly stirred that pot of goodness until the meat was fork-tender and all those flavors melded into a thick stew of rich deliciousness.  and not a bean to be found!  this chili is not for wimps.  the paleos would be so proud...

photo 3

and then, after hours of simmering away, we sat down in front of the fireplace on a dreary day to warm ourselves with this deeply satisfying dish and to watch some guys toss the pigskin.  not too shabby.

thanks honey.  until next time...