a bowl of super.

photo 1so superbowl.  apparently there is some kind of sporting event happening?  i dunno.  i have always thought it was about the food, fun, halftime show, and commercials.  we had big plans for a joint family hoopla at ben's family's place but they have been zapped by the plague* {darn those nasty flu bugs!} so we had to do a little switcheroo since no one was too keen on passing tummy troubles to the wee one. *don't fret, they are bouncing back.

but, a change in venue doesn't cramp our style.  my parents volunteered to host and provide the "dip vessels" - we brought over roasted onion dip, spinach and artichoke dip, some popcorn, and some manly, meaty chili.  it was quite the scene.  such a cozy and fabulous evening.

and now onto the important stuff...

what did you think of the commercials this year?  there were a few good ones, in my book:

this one and this one and this one and this one.

what were your faves?

were you as grossed out by the godaddy commercial as we were?  yuck.  i felt like we were coming down with that flu.