dear peanut {three months}

photo 7 (2)

happy three month anniversary, sweet one.

so, you are three months old now.  it is remarkable how much you process each and every day and how much you absorb and grow.  you change so quickly.  your little mind is expanding. you are moving so fast.

you are smitten with your left hand.  mostly, your little thumb.  which has become the cutest little soggy digit that you ever did see.  such joy and admiration.  you lie on your back and study each little finger while you hold your hand up just marveling at the beauty. i hope you’ll always understand that it doesn’t take nail polish and trinkets to be pretty and interesting.  you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  beautiful just as you are.  a darling little lovely from God.  may you always marvel at His works.

{and then, you stuff your thumb in your mouth and gurgle}

you like to sit up and look around.  your head bobs a bit and you tighten your tummy.  this vantage point amuses you for a spell and then you are over it and wish to return to your squirmy mat where you and kick and semi-flip and do mini-backbends and flap like a hummingbird and bat at your dangly bug friends.  you are charming.

you make faces all the time.  in fact, it is difficult to get a normal and non-swishy looking photo of you because your face is always moving around.  i end up taking about 300 rapidfire shots and almost everyone looks drastically different.  i think you get that dramatic face from your mama.  sorry.  it comes in handy for stage work but it can make the photogenic thing for everyday life a bit of a problem.  i hope that you learn to embrace this hyper-expressiveness.  it will make for some very lively pictures.

every once in a while, i have a flash of what you will look like during your sassy teen years.  you shoot me a sideways glance, curl your upper lip, lift your brows, and dramatically roll those big eyes of yours in the other direction.  and sometimes you even shift your body weight while doing so and give me “the hand”.  cheeky little thing.  but then, you roll right back my way and flash that giggly, toothless grin and all is well.

by the way, you have already discovered the manipulative power of a strategically placed cry.  every so often, you will give us a sad little look, whimper, turn on the tears, and pull out the pièce de résistance – the pouty lip.  you aren’t much of a crier but when you do, it is kind of heartbreaking.  we aren’t fans of the cry.  and we try to resist the urge to say “oooohhhh…” and hop, skip, jump into some kind of pathetic parenting action.  but as i mentioned, that pièce de résistance gets us every time.  oh little girl.

also, you talk all the time.  all. the. time.  you talk to the buddies.  you talk to your papa.  you talk to your fingers {by default since they are in your mouth all the time these days} you talk to the crawleys of downton.  you talk to the record player.  you talk to your blanket.  you talk to your books.  and you love to talk to the art in your room.  your new favorite is to take a conversational break while i am feeding you.  you pause, give me that demure smile of yours, and then we have a little chat while you stare at your art.  like a fancy little connoisseur or museum curator.  currently, you seem to have an affinity for “the peanut riding a unicorn” piece.  but i'm sure your tastes will continue to evolve.

a few weeks ago, you added another sound to your vocal repertoire – the velociraptor squawk.  but it is like a glitter-covered, big pink bow wearing, magical fairy dust version.  high-pitched squeals of delight.  your pupils dilate.  your arms begin to flap wildly.  your legs and teeny toes get into the action too.  you get the whole body working and then emit the largest giggly screech.  so cute.

you are becoming more and more interactive and delightful.  we can carry on conversations.  you sing along with music.  you giggle when you get tummy raspberries.  you look around the room when we dance.  and you wrap your little fingers around our shirt when we hold you – you cling to us.  and oh, we sure are attached to you.  we love you little girl.

love, love, love,

your mama + your papa