well hey there!


woah!  that is a whole lotta our faces.  would you look at that cute little goofy pair?  soooo, i discovered that i like to snap obligatory "hubby and i are driving somewhere" pictures when we hop in the car.  and my sweet man humors me.  aaand i have way too many of these on my camera roll...so i figured that i should share some of my favs from the past year with you all on this lovely morning.  {you're welcome}


so it is monday already.  sheesh.  could i get about six saturdays in a row please?  that would be nice.  especially a collection of saturdays like this past one.  it was oh-so-rainy here and there is nothing better.  the smell of wet desert.  the thick white clouds.  the foggy air hovering over the mountains.  the plinky-plunky sound of water drops as they touch the windows.  it was perfection.  we stayed close to home and cooked good food, rolled our eyes at mr. charles who turns into a total grumpus when it rains, watched movies, curled up in soft blankets, listened to elinor talk...and did some studying too. {well, hubby did that.  he is working on his fancy-pants financial exam a few weeks from now}

what fun things did you do this weekend?  does all this cold weather make you extra lazy homebodies too?  i must say that i enjoy it immensely.  i savor days like that...they are so rare here in the sunny desert.