elinor live

[vimeo 58452794 w=500 h=881]

oh i just had to share this with the world.

{and by world, i mean those of you who happen to check out this blog...hi mom!  hi dad!  hi amy!  hi adele!}

would you look at these two?  how sweet are they?  would you just listen to those sweet gurgles and coos?  and look at her launch off of her papa, so strong.  and that yawn.  playtime with papa can really tucker you out!  oh, that little face.  and look at my hubby.  he is just beaming with pride and happiness and contentment.  he sure does love his little girl.  i could gush for days.

and i could share video after video.  oh wait!  and now i can.  i recently joined the super cool vine community where you can create 7 second videos and share them on a feed.  they just loop and loop!  it is like video instagram.  love it.  and it is so much fun to see how creative people can be.  me?  not so creative.  i just post video after video of little miss e.  get ready for cuteness overload!  so, if you are looking for another social media outlet, feel free to head over to your app store and pick up vine.  you can find me at "rachel whitehouse"