mama musings {plus some bonus fun links for your weekend}

bath face yup.  that is my daughter.  and i am partially responsible for forming that sweet little one.  for raising her up and training her.  molding her perspective.  shaping her personality.  i need to be a model for her.  i want to be an example of health and balance.  i want to surround her with truth and beauty.  i want her to be secure in her identity.  knowing that she belongs to Christ and is loved by Him. deeply feeling a sense of safety and belonging in our family.  that home is a place where she has the freedom to explore and learn and develop - and to be her authentic self.  i want to encourage her so that she is bold whenever she enters the world.

whew!  a tall order indeed.  i just keep praying that ben and i are continuously equipped to parent this little life.  i just want to do it well, you know?

recently, i stumbled across this lisa bloom article and thought it was quite interesting.  i must say that i am all about telling girls that they are beautiful.  {ahem...would you look at that adorable little face pictured above?} God made girls in a uniquely girl-like way.  we should celebrate this and make sure that our little girls know how precious they are.  each one a princess and cherished by The King.  however, it shouldn't necessarily end {or begin} there.  it can be so easy to default to "awwh, aren't you cute!"  especially with all those frilly outfits, big bows, sparkly dresses, and bright eyes... but i want to make sure to raise up a daughter who knows she is more than just all of that.  more than just a pretty face {and my, my...she has one pretty face!}  she has a deeper identity.  she has been given a mind to be used to form intelligent thoughts and participate in discourse.  she has been given a spirit that should be even more lovely and bright than her blue eyes.  she has personality.  she has a body that should be kept strong and healthy so that it is a fit temple for the Holy Spirit and can be used to serve others.  yes, she can put effort into her appearance.  yes, i hope that people compliment her.  yes, she can be lovely.  but the body isn't just for dressing in cute clothes.  she is so much more than cute clothes.  she is so much more than a pretty face.  and for that matter, she is so much more than a smart cookie...or a talented musician...or a gifted writer...or an advanced reader...or you name it.  she is a child of God.  "charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."  i pray that the Lord helps us "bring her up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."

:: amen ::


 and is a smattering of links for you to enjoy on this fabulous friday.  happy weekend!

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a gummy bear chandelier!  say whaaat?

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um, this necklace

these leggings for future miss elinor

glitter oxfords  love?  hate? {i hope you didn't say "hate" because i have some of these babies on order}