doctor, doctor, give me the news

two month drwell, this sweet little peanut had a blast at the doctor yesterday. we spent two hours with the naturopath just talking baby health and wellness. it was amazing. two hours with a doctor? i know. we talked about vaccine pros/cons, homeopathic remedies, sleep patterns, allergy potential, birth marks, bowel movements, breastfeeding, family name it, we covered it. i loved this time. such a treat to get some real time talking with someone who knows her stuff and wants to provide a balanced, holistic, non-judgement approach to care. such reassurance and fabulous information. then, we got down to brass tacks. two month stats. miss elinor got to hang out on the table just long enough, while we waited for her weigh-in, for me to snap this pic. she really enjoyed this time. she rolled from side to side.  squealed. kicked. drooled. you know, the usual adorable baby stuff. it was like she was saying, "hey!  mama! look how big i am! look at my stretchy yoga baby body! aren't i just the bestest baby?"  {yes, sweet girl.  yes you are}

weight: 9 pounds 5 ounces. height: 21.5 inches. head size: 72nd percentile. this little lady has some brains! and then she got to show off her serious neck strength. impressive. but i guess you need it when you are a 9th percentile-er for height/weight who has to support a big ol' noggin. we've got a good one here. and we just love her so.

*and as a super amazing , i-am-so-proud-of-my-daughter aside: for the past few weeks, elinor has been extra fussy during her last stretch before bedtime.  i have been kind of forcing that final feeding around 10pm to make sure she was getting enough to eat but she was clearly ready to be done with her day and just hit the sack.  i figured that it might be time to drop that last feeding but also thought, "no way. it seems too soon. that would be too good to be true! i think we have another month before all that. it seems a bit ahead of schedule..." and 10 + hours of sleep?  quite literally, the stuff dreams are made of... but after the ND confirmed my suspicions, i felt pretty good about going for it.  woah.  dropping that 10pm feeding folks.  that's like, an 8pm bedtime.  whatever will elinor's parents do with themselves? {insert squeal of glee here}  yes, people, yes.  'tis true.  #lifeisgood #shoutitfromtherooftops #keepitupbabygirl