a post that will make you super envious

this weekend, my amazing hubby made me the most scrumptious and decadent dinner.  you know you've got it good when your man randomly turns to you one day and says "i would really like to start making a special dinner at home once a week".  um, okay.  so.  the plan is to get out on the town for a date night dinner out at least once a month and eat a special date night dinner in once a week.  courtesy of mister ben.  yup, sounds like a good plan.  he just loves to cook and he is so darn good at it.  this is one of his best ideas yet.  and has inspired a new series that i will be calling "chef ben".  winner, winner, chicken dinner indeed.

dinner1he took a page out of tyler florence's new cookbook fresh i highly recommend it. dinner2

nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen. dinner3the finished plate.  butternut squash puree topped with crispy porcini mushrooms, crispy sage, roasted pecans, and brown butter wine sauce.  and a dusting of parmesan.  so rich and satisfying...and no meat to be found!  now that is a culinary feat.