a big, fat "welcome" weekend!


three cheers for the weekend!

hip hip hooray!  hip hip hooray!  hip hip hooray!

this week seemed to fly by, which is good because it gets the weekend here faster...but man, it just seemed like there weren't enough hours in the day, each day, every day.  i am hoping for a couple days of catching up on things and for enjoying time as a family.  we kinda live for our solid chunks of "us" time.  and, bonus! we are experiencing a major cold snap here in the AZ which is perfect for couch cuddling, warm beverages, and bundled up outings.  have i mentioned that i have more sweaters, coats, flannel shirts, and scarves than ANY desert rat should EVER own?  what can i say?  i am a sucker for the cold weather wardrobe.  it is my favorite.

in spite of the "flying by" this was a good week.  lots of work accomplished.  spent some time organizing odds and ends for my sister's upcoming nuptials which included a trip to the fabric store to pick out some fab prints.  can't wait for april!  filled out the pages of my daytimer.  checked the two month doctor appointments off our list.  elinor's latest trick is rolling onto her tummy during nap time, swaddle and all.  i'll tell you, that girl may be tiny but she is not to be trifled with.  we bought a new kettle.  all in all, not too shabby.

this weekend will be filled with lots of violin playing for my man {that's right, arizona bach festival} and some time with fabulous out of town guests {canada friends people!}  it should be a good one.

we hope that you enjoy your weekend immensely.



oh yeah, and i should have that 2012 year in review finished up soon...cross my heart.